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Gio Juan Roblez Freeman  |  AoX by OverlordGirgy Gio Juan Roblez Freeman  |  AoX by OverlordGirgy


Wild Card   

R E A L  N A M E   
➧  Giovanni Juan Roblez-Freeman  

C U R R E N T  C O D E N A M E   
➧  Wild Card 

C O D E N A M E S   
➧  Furry Boy, Furry, Unknown, Mystery, Mystery Man

A G E   
➧   18

B I R T H D A Y   
➧  December 31st

V O I C E   C L A I M E   
➧  Diego Luna

R A C E   
➧   Mutant 

G R A D E   
➧  10th

P O S I T I O N   
➧  Student

R O O M M A T E   
➧  N  |  A 


I D E N T I T Y   
➧  Very Secret 

C I T I Z E N S H I P   
➧  Dominican Republic 

R E L A T I O N S H I P   S T A T U S   
➧  Taken  | Wynn Day

S E X U A L I T Y   
➧  Heterosexual 

O C C U P A T I O N   
➧  Pizza Delivery Boy

E D U C A T I O N   
➧  Transferred from another High School to Jean Grey's School for Higher Learning  


G E N D E R   
➧  Male

H E I G H T   
➧  5 ft 11  |  180.339 cm

W E I G H T   
➧  168 lbs  |  72.60 kg

E Y E S   

➧  Blue

H A I R   
➧  Chestnut  

S K I N   
➧  Mocha 

U N U S U A L   F E A T U R E S   
➧  Unknown | TBA


Class II  

I N T   
➧  ●●●○○○○  |  Educated 

S T R   
➧  ●●=○○○○  |  Depends

S P D   
➧  ●-○○○○○  |  Eeeh

D R B   
➧  ●==○○○○  |  Depends

E P   
➧  ●=○○○○○  |  Depends

F A   
➧  ●○○○○○○  |  Hes outta here

M U T A T I O N    I   
 Mutation Obtainment  
➧  Through physical contact, the user can obtain another Mutants mutation for a limited time. If Gio makes contact with another Mutant via his hands or them touching any part of his skin, he obtains their powers for 3-4 hours. If Gio keeps skin to skin contact, hes able to use keep the mutation longer until he stops making skin to skin contact. 

W E A K N E S S E S   
➧  While Gio can obtain and adapt to various mutations, there is still a wide spectrum of various mutations that he would have no idea on how to control. So depending on who's mutation he obtains for the time, often deciphers whether or not if hes able to handle it.
➧  The length of how long Gio can obtain anothers mutation is considerably short, 4 hours max. When Gio obtains another mutants mutation, he gets all the side effects as well for the time hes able to hold onto. So if your mutations side effect is having neon purple skin, well hes gonna be neon purple for 4 hours.
➧  Some mutations can overwhelm Gio, this being said if a mutation is too much for Gio to keep in control or hold onto, he will black out.
➧  More TBA

F I G H T I N G   S T Y L E   
➧  Gio is not a fighter, regardless of what power he obtains during the fight. He often tries to outrun his opponent or try to tire them out.


L I K E S   
➧  His Fursona    ➧  His Fursuit    ➧  Giving others advice    ➧  Sewing
➧  Cute Girls    ➧  Animals    ➧  Rain    ➧  Sports    
➧  Video Games    ➧  Art    ➧  Collecting Pins    ➧  Figurines 

D I S L I K E S   
➧  Bad talk about Furries    ➧  Getting his fursuit dirty    ➧  People touching his fursuit without asking first    
➧  His laugh    ➧   Romance Movies 
➧  Snakes    ➧  Sand    ➧  Grape flavored anything

P E R S O N A L I T Y   
➧   Charismatic  |   Gio loves talking, whether it be public speaking or just chatting with his friends. Many would say his vocabulary was rather colorful, and the way he spoke would often draw you in alone. 
➧   Confident**  |  This trait usually comes out whenever Gio is wearing his fursuit, He carries himself with pride of who he is and everything within that thing. He often calls his fursuit the magic charm to unlike his true self.
➧   Compassionate  |  Gio often puts others feelings before his own, he hardly wants to step on any toes and make sure to look out for others who cant stand up for themselves. 
➧   Enthusiastic  |  It usually doesn't take a lot for people to catch onto Gio's excitement for anything. He's a very eager boy, and often shows interest in many (no matter how insignificant) things.

➧   Breezy  |  Some often would describe Gio pretty much a leaf caught in the wind. He has a very laid back or rather carefree attitude. It's very rare to see this boy get too worked up about much.
➧   Complex  |  While most would assume Gio is a open book, he's actually far from. He can be very hard to read, and just when you finally think you understand him, he proves you wrong. 
➧   Outspoken  |  Even though Gio is pretty easy going most if not all the time, he wont hesitate to state his opinions. Regardless if its the unpopular opinion, Gio likes to be straightforward.  

➧   Anxious**  |  This trait usually appears when Gio is out of his fursuit, he becomes unsure of himself and hides within a shell. He becomes less of a risk taker, and less social unless he's already acquainted with the person he's with,
➧   Erratic  |  While Gio most of the time is usually solid as a rock, since he tends to flip flop personality wise a bit whether hes in his suit or not, he can be a bit unpredictable.
➧   Frivolous  |  Since most of the time Gio is a carefree person, most would see him as someone whos never really serious or even thoughtless.
➧   Gullible  |  Gio often believes everyone has the potential to be a good person, it often leaves him open for being taken advantage of. He usually believes people if they haven't given him a reason not to. 
                               ➧➧   Word Count: 397

F A C T S   
➧   Gio only got a part time job in order to afford his fursuit!    ➧  Considering his fursuit cost nearly 3k, Gio and his parents went half and half on the payment.
➧  Gio has a accent, that being said Gio is very fluent in both Spanish and English.    ➧  Gio is a vegetarian, He doesn't any kind of meat, Fish included.
➧  Gio doesn't like anyone touching his chest, if hes wearing his fursuit or a very thick jacket hes fine. However if its just a T-shit, hes gonna have a problem.    ➧  Gio used to run an advice blog, giving advice for younger teens whether it be about being a "furry" or advice with life.
➧  Gio still needs to visit a Doctor regularly, 3 times a month.


H I S T O R Y   
➧  Born and grew up being an only child, Gio lived a quaint life with his Mother in Santiago. Their household was essentially on the lower half of middle class for a long while, that is until his Father decided to get back into his life when Gio was 12. Gio's Mother assured that it was ok if Gio didn't want anything to do with his Father since he wasn't there in the beginning, However Gio decided to give his Dad a second chance. It couldn't be any worse than not having a Father figure.

Since then, Gio and his Father was inseparable. He was the person Gio often confided in about mostly everything in his life. Once Puberty hit for Gio, he spent a lot of time in and out of Doctors appointments, and eventually surgery, in which caused him to lose days to even months of school. Despite his whole medical ordeal, Gio was still a happy camper after it all. Maybe even happier, at least his parents would say.

It wasn't until a few years after his surgery that Gio realized he was a Mutant...It happened while he was on his way to school during a rather hot day. Gio was trying to get onto the bus to get to school; it was packed, never the less Gio was determined to get there on time. Shoving past the people within the crowded bus, everything was fine until suddenly someone shoved against Gio and suddenly everything went black.

The next thing he knew, he was laying down on the pavement and his Mother was kneeling next to him while his father was talking to an officer near by. 

"Ma..Mama..! What...What happened?!" Gio uttered finally

His mothered hushed him as soon as he finished speaking. Leaning down to press her forehead against his, Gio blacked out once again. When Gio woke up this time, he was in his room, laying down on his bed. He was confused, he didn't understand what was going on or why any of this was happening. It wasn't long until his parents came into his room and explained to him what had happened, explaining to him that he was a Mutant, Like his Mother. 

Upon finding out all of this, Gio was overwhelmed and didn't know how to feel about any of this. However his parents assured him that all of this didn't change him or who he was, that he could continue living a normal life with them; and for a couple of years he did continue living a normal life.

Gio continued his studies, played sports, and even got a part time job so he could buy things he truly wanted. Gio was pretty content with his life, he hasn't blacked out like he did those years ago so for a while he assumed he was fine. However Gio did end up witnessing friends of his reveal themselves as Mutants as well, and sometimes those friends would either move away or suffer through bullying. Gio often tried to help defend his fellow Mutant friends but sometimes it would often result with him getting his ass kicked.

It eventually got to a point where his parents got word of other Mutant children being beaten or even killed by classmates or even adults. Of course upon hearing news like this would scare any parent that had a child they loved who was also a Mutant. So of course Gio's mother started insisting that he should transfer to Jean Grays, at first Gio wasn't very fond of the idea. But of course he knew that she just wanted him to be safe.

So with a tired smile and a sigh, Gio agreed to attending the school...

                               ➧➧   Word Count: 620

U N I V E R S E   
➧  Earth - 2016 

P L A C E   OF    B I R T H   
➧  Santiago 

N A T I O N A L I T Y   
➧  Dominican  

E T H N I C I T Y   
➧  African American  |  Hispanic 

R E L A T I V E S   
➧  Reyna Maria Roblez  [ MUTANT]   |  Mother  |  Alive       ➧  Daevon Freeman   |  Father  |  Alive


A L L I E S   
➧  N  |  A 

E N E M I E S   
➧  Furry Haters


T I M E Z O N E   
➧  Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)

M E T H O D   
➧  Skype, Discord, Drawpile

F O R M A T   
➧  Script, Picture RP, Head Canons

R A T I N G   
➧  PG - M+18 

E X A M P L E   
➧  Standing at the gates of his new school, Gio could practically feel his heart try to burst from his chest. Immediately, Gio became intimidated by what was going to be his new school. Time almost felt like it stopped as he stood there, taking in the sight. Taking in a deep breath, Gio felt a hand give a reassuring squeeze to his shoulder. Looking back to see his Father smiling down at him, Gio was ready...This was it. A new start. A new adventure...

"I can do this" Gio mumbled under his breath.

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